There are a huge number of entertainment options in New York City and nightlife is no exception, with a great variety of places to have fun. Known as “The City That Never Sleeps,” New York is extremely exciting at night.

In New York you’ll find everything you need for an unforgettable evening. There are options for all tastes, including bars, restaurants, lounges, nightclubs and theaters where you can enjoy live music, comedy shows and concerts.

Jazz Clubs

things to do in nyc at night

New York is the jazz capital of the world, with fantastic clubs from Greenwich Village to the Harlem area. The legends of world jazz became famous here and there, too, the beginners try to stand out and test their skills. Enjoy the latest in the genre or head to one of the most traditional clubs and spend a memorable evening.

Bars and Clubs

things to do in nyc at night

If your fun style includes more partying and dancing, visit the modern bars and clubs in the Meatpacking District between West Village and Chelsea on Manhattan’s west side. This area concentrates many of New York’s best clubs and bars. The city’s most exclusive nightclubs may be hard to reach, but they allow you to have fun like a celebrity. Very popular with young people, the Lower East Side is another district that has become an excellent choice for eating out, drinking, shopping and having fun.

Sport Bars

things to do in nyc at night

New Yorkers really enjoy their sports bars. Spend a fun, local-style evening in these lively places, which often have a friendly and vibrant atmosphere on important game days.


things to do in nyc at night

A visit to the Big Apple would not be complete without going to Broadway to enjoy a famous show in one of the emblematic theaters. It is necessary to check the calendar of events carefully because some shows are only available during certain seasons. Nearby, in Midtown Manhattan, you’ll find a large number of clubs featuring well-known comedians and also those who are just beginning their careers.

Concerts and Events

things to do in nyc at night

This city is usually the venue for big concerts of famous bands and renowned singers. Enjoying a show like this can be a great way to have fun at night during your New York vacation, check out the calendar of events and find out what’s happening during your visit!