Hotels with Spa

For a relaxing trip to the city that never sleeps, you have to book a room at one of the most luxurious hotels with spa in New York City. Near Central Park there are several ways to have fun in this city, including the best shows on Broadway. This area makes Manhattan not exactly known for its Zen atmosphere. And after a day of exploring the city, what better way than to take off your walking shoes and put on slippers and a fluffy robe for a day of cuddling? Fortunately, NYC is full of spa hotels that will melt you down, as well as scrub you, polish you and spray you after a hectic day in the Big Apple.

How to choose the best hotel with Spa:

If you are thinking of a relaxing and healthy holiday to treat ailments, prevent them or spend a few days of rest and escape from stress, a good option are the hotels that incorporate SPA or thalassotherapy centers.

First of all, as we remind you in our “Hotel dictionary”, it is important to know the differences between a SPA and a thalassotherapy centre.
A SPA is an establishment generally located next to the hotel that offers you health through water (hence the acronym salus per aqua) either in the form of treatments, therapies or relaxation systems. The fundamental difference is that the water comes from the general supply network.

And then there are the thalassotherapy centres, also very fashionable. They are located by the sea and take advantage of the benefits of marine elements (such as sea water, algae or mud) to improve health and physical appearance.

Well, once this has been explained, we will go into the frequently asked questions that arise, especially in the specific case of booking a hotel with SPA.

Are all these facilities good for treating ailments?

No, only the spas assure you a thermal cure, due to the mineral composition and the temperature of their waters, with medical supervision. What everyone does offer, however, is the option of taking a break, taking the stress off and spending a few days resting and getting in shape.

Is access to the SPA included in the price of the room?

No, it is usually paid separately, if what we are talking about is a circuit run by specific personnel with a specific duration. Another thing is that it can be booked as a “hotel + SPA” package or getaway offers.

Can children enter a SPA?

Most of them are restricted from entering to create as relaxed an atmosphere as possible, although there is usually a specific schedule for children under 6 or 12 years of age. There are some children’s SPAs that are designed specifically for children, but this is not common.

Are there any rules to be followed?

Yes, in many of these facilities you will be asked, for example, to wear flip-flops or a swimming cap. They do not allow diving headfirst or jumping into pools, entering with cell phones or recording or photographic cameras, and you will not be able to eat, smoke, or drink if you do so through glass containers.

If you have any more questions, you know you can ask each hotel for free or contact us and we will try to help you.

We hope we helped you and…. Happy health holidays!