Boutique Hotels

You may have heard of Boutique hotels, but you’re still not quite sure what they are. Or you may be planning a trip and want to get to know these types of hotels better to see if they meet your expectations. Find out what a boutique hotel is and why it’s a different accommodation offer, especially in New York You’ll love it!

One of the problems that some hotel chains face is that of differentiating themselves from others. The client gets the feeling that, “If you’ve stayed in one of their suites, you’ve stayed in all of them!” Obviously there are also many exceptions.

But it is a frequent complaint from hotel guests, especially when they are people who stay in hotels frequently for work purposes. Well, a boutique hotel escapes precisely that, and provides two essential things to make a good impression in the hotel sector: exclusivity and personalized treatment.

The boutique concept for the hotel industry originated in the mid 80’s thanks to the fabulous creation of the American entrepreneur Ian Schrager. The Morgans Hotel in New York was the first boutique hotel itself, giving birth to a new type of accommodation where the idea of making the guest feel as if he were in his own home, surrounded by luxuries and tasteful details.

This is how the boutique hotels came into being, establishments that unite first class hotels with an intimate and private atmosphere that adapts to the needs of the clients.

Below we show you the best boutique hotels in New York, with photos, the services they offer and guest opinions.


Reduced number of rooms. The number of rooms ranges from 20 to 80.

Limited space for events. Events should not exceed 10-15% of weekly demand. Above that figure, the hotel begins to lose its personality.

Little lobbies. Receptions are smaller than in conventional hotels. Thus, the experience of the guests will be much more intimate.

Personalized attention. It is impossible to offer a boutique service without being careful of the details and attention to passengers.

Heritage conservation. The boutique hotels are generally located in historic mansions or buildings with great architectural value, which were refurbished to provide guests with all the amenities and services of the most exclusive hotels. They offer a modern infrastructure and decorative details typical of the 21st century. Another branch of the boutique is the so-called design hotels, which are characterized by offering the latest technological advances available, in addition to an avant-garde design.

Sense of aesthetics and technological vanguard. Most of these hotels are characterized by their eclectic design and offer technological services to their clients such as free wifi , videoconferencing room, etc.

Location doesn’t matter. If a boutique hotel has all the features mentioned above, guests won’t mind traveling a few more miles to stay there.

The type of public that consumes a boutique hotel is passengers who no longer wish to stay in conventional four/five star hotels. They are looking for a personalized and tailor-made service, in a luxurious atmosphere but with a climate that makes them feel at home. So now you know, for your next trip to New York, either with family or friends, on our website you will find the ultimate boutique hotels in new york near central park that will meet your expectations.